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blake johnson

RBJU is an eponym for Roger Blake Johnson. In 2015, Blake was injured in a fall leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. As Blake lay in recovery from neck fusion surgery, some of his closest friends and family decided Blake would want something good to come out of this tragic situation. Natalie Kennedy, Sherry Johnson, Kevin Pyles, Brad Ader, and Chris Idol with the help of Beverly Dinkins (Blake’s sister-in-law) and Angela Johnson (Blake’s wife) established the charity, the RBJ Unstoppable Fund.

After his rehab and recovery, the team enlisted Blake to help develop a purpose for the charity. Blake spent a couple of years after becoming quadriplegic researching the needs of those like him or similar in the paralysis or immobile community. It became obvious that most recreational activities would now require some type of adaptive assistance or equipment.

The cost of adaptive equipment can be astounding, and most people will likely have to choose one activity, if they’re even able to afford adaptive equipment at all. Blake proposed that RBJU should use donations to purchase an assortment of adaptive equipment and then provide access to those who could benefit from its usage in the community and surrounding areas, free of charge.

The team is now the board of representatives for RBJU, and many volunteers have provided and offered support for RBJU’s future endeavors. The RBJ Unstoppable Fund raises money through fundraisers and individual or corporate donations to purchase adaptive equipment to help those with limited abilities remain active and continue doing the things they love. Our goal is to provide a variety of adaptable equipment that enables our clients to get out and continue experiencing recreational activity.