The RBJ Unstoppable Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. Some or all of your donations are tax-deductibile. All of your donation will go toward d providing outdoor enjoyment to a mobility-impaired person and help make them UNSTOPPABLE!

Your donation of $1000 will help us purchase a new kayak or shooting system.

Your donation of $500 would purchase a carbon fiber adapted kayak paddle, or help purchase adaptable optics for shooting, or a kayak chariot.

Your donation of $250 would purchase a storage box for shooting equipment, or help to purchase adaptable trigger mechanisms.

Your donation of $100 would purchase a life jacket or an adaptable hand and wrist trigger support.

Your donation of $50 could provide gas for an excursion. Any donation helps us build toward these purchases and the costs of reaching those who will benefit.

All of your donations help in our goals to provide a sense of normalcy to those left dependent on adaptive equipment.